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"Black Freedom Fighters (War of 1812)", article in Encyclopedia of slave resistance rebellion, ed. Junius P Rodriguez, Greenwood Press, 2007, p62-66
"The Origins of the Merikens, the African Americans who settled Trinidad's Company Villages in 1816", article in 'In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience', Schomburg Centre, n.d.(c.2005), in section 'Colonization & Emigration: Migrations to other lands'
The Merikens: Free Black American Settlers in Trinidad 1815-16 (London: 2002) [revised edition of Free Black American Settlers in Trinidad 1815-16: A handlist . . (London: 1995)]
"The Corps of Colonial Marines 1814-16: a summary" (Immigrants and Minorities, 15/1, April 1996) [an early publication, in several respects revised by the historical outline in The Merikens and by the present article]
• [in progress] On Stony Ground: Origins of the Black Refugees of the War of 1812 Settled in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick
• [in progress, not yet titled] The Corps of Colonial Marines 1814-16: recruitment, organisation, service, disbandment and settlement
CONFERENCE PAPERS "Cochrane and his Proclamation: liberator or scaremonger?", paper for conference 'The War of 1812: Myth and Memory, History and Historiography', London, forthcoming 12-14 July 2012.
" 'Averse to any kind of controull' : American refugees from slavery building the new Royal Naval Dockyard", paper for conference 'Bermuda Dockyard and the War of 1812', Bermuda, 7-12 June 2012.
"Taking their freedom by way of the Royal Navy in the War of 1812", paper for 5th IMEHA International Congress of Maritime History, University of Greenwich, June 2008
"The Early Workforce of the Royal Naval Dockyard at Bermuda: African Americans in Transit from Slavery to Freedom", paper for conference 'War, Empire and Slavery 1790-1820', University of York, UK, May 2008
"Sir Alexander Cochrane's first Corps of Colonial Marines: Marie- Galante 1808", paper for 2007 Naval History Symposium, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, USA, September 2007
"Apprenticeship in the 1807 Slave Trade Act: a novelty and its development", paper for 'Free At Last?', interdisciplinary conference to commemorate the Bicentennial Anniversary of the end of the British Atlantic Slave Trade, Centre for Caribbean Studies, University of Warwick, UK, July 2007
"Sir Alexander Cochrane's Trinidad Apprentices": paper for 31st annual conference of the UK Society for Caribbean Studies, London Metropolitan University, UK, July 2007
"Against Their Old Masters: Britain's Corps of Colonial Marines", opening paper for the Eighth National War of 1812 Symposium (War of 1812 Consortium), Baltimore, USA, 9 October 2004
"The Merikens", paper for seminar ‘Tracing your West Indian ancestors’, The National Archives, Kew, UK, 18 September 2003
"Escape from American slavery during the War of 1812", paper for conference ‘Resistance and Accommodation: Strategies of Survival in Slave Societies’, University of Nottingham, UK, September 2003
"The Great Escape: the four thousand Black Americans who took their freedom in the War of 1812", paper for conference ‘The African Diaspora in the Americas: Current Research’, University of Ohio, USA, April 2003
"The Company Villages of Trinidad: Free Black American smallholders in a British world of plantation slavery", paper for conference ‘Land Ownership and Slavery in the Caribbean’, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, March 2003
"Ex-slaves against ex-masters in the War of 1812", paper for BAAS annual conference, Oxford, UK, April 2002
"The Corps of Colonial Marines: Black freedom fighters of the War of 1812", paper given at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago, 4 January 2001 (delivered under the title: "Origins of the Merikens, African American settlers of Trinidad’s Company Villages"
"Alleged betrayal in the war of 1812: Were Black American refugees sold back into slavery by perfidious Albion?", paper for BAAS annual conference, University of Wales, UK, April 2000
"The Florida Negroes and the Admirals: Forbes v. Cochrane & Cockburn 1824 revisited", paper for BAAS annual conference, University of Glasgow, UK, March 1999
"Black Hopes and White Fears in the War of 1812", paper for Conference of Colloquium for African American Research (CAAR): ‘Black Liberation in the Americas’, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet (WWUM), Germany, March 1999
"The Great Escape: the four thousand Black Americans who took their freedom in the War of 1812", paper for multi-disciplinary conference ‘Mutiny: narrative, event and context in cross-cultural perspective’, Ohio State University, USA, October 1998
"Black American resistance to slavery in the War of 1812: the Corps of Colonial Marines 1814-16", paper for British Association for American Studies (BAAS) annual conference, University of East Anglia, UK, April 1998

article: Corps of Colonial Marines
article: 'Averse to Any Controul ': paper for Bermuda Dockyard & the War of 1812
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